Denmark: Danish court freezes TRO funds



Denmark: Danish court freezes TRO funds


A Tamil humanitarian organization in Denmark has seized approximately 45,000 kroner because the police suspect the organization of supporting terrorism carried out by the Tamil Tigers.

The seizure has been approved by a judge in the Copenhagen City Court, but Tamil's Rehabilitation Organization, which has an office in Vejle, calls the intervention unfair and has brought it before the Eastern High Court.

- It is a humanitarian organization that collects for distressed Tamils in Sri Lanka. And TRO has been recommended by the Danish government in the Folketing, so you are completely unaware of the accusation that you have something to do with terrorism, says TRO's lawyer, Bjarne Overmark.

The treasurer of the organization states that a total of 45,000 kroner has been seized in several accounts.

The Bagmandspolitiet is responsible for the investigation. The reaction is justified by the fact that the United States put TRO on the terror list in November last year. But TRO calls for a proper explanation, and lawyer Bjarne Overmark says that only the USA and Denmark have taken steps to freeze TRO's money.

- As the only country in Europe, Denmark has chosen to seize funds from TRO, which exists in 16 countries, the lawyer says.
17 FEB 2008

Two years of investigation by the Tamil relief organization TRO-Danmark (Tamil Rehabilitation Organization Denmark) has resulted in TRO having frozen its financial resources.

This is justified by the fact that TRO-Denmark appears on the USA's list of terrorist organizations. Thus, the Public Prosecutor for Special Economic Crime (SØK) can rightly suspect TRO-Danmark of having violated section 114b of the Criminal Code, financial support for terrorist activities. This was the decision in the Copenhagen City Court.

SØK and PET initiated an investigation of TRO-Denmark in 2006, after DR's Søndagsmagasinet presented documents from the Canadian intelligence service describing TRO as a cover for the rebel movement The Tamil Tigers. And that TRO's primary task is to raise money for the insurgency in Sri Lanka.

Appealed decision
TRO-Danmark has appealed the district court's decision to the Eastern High Court. The organization does not believe that after two years of investigation there is any evidence that TRO-Denmark has supported any form of terror or terrorist organization. TRO-Denmark's lawyer, Bjarne Overmark, believes that the Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Per Stig Møller, and the then Minister of Finance, Thor Pedersen, have given support for the Danish state to cooperate with TRO.

In a document from the Folketing's Finance Committee in March 2005, which Bjarne Overmark believes that all three must have been familiar with, it is recommended that Danish emergency aid initiatives can cooperate with TRO:

"In areas controlled by the Tamil Tigers, it can be difficult to work through national authorities, and here the target group can be reached through local organizations, such as the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, TRO"

At the same time, Bjarne Overmark does not believe that any justification has been given for the US terror list to be a basis for concluding that TRO has any connection to the Tamil Tigers.

"When TRO is not on any European terror list, does Denmark just automatically take the American terror list for good goods, without giving any justification?" He asks.

NGOs or terrorists?
Santhos Manokaran, treasurer of TRO-Danmark, believes that TRO-Danmark has entered the terror list on the wrong background.

'TRO has come on the US terror list because they have cooperated with the local authorities in the areas controlled by the Tamil Tigers. But that's the way it is for all NGOs. You always work with the local authorities where you provide humanitarian aid, "he says.

The Danish Refugee Council also works in areas of Sri Lanka which are controlled by the Tamil Tigers. Arne Vaagen, head of the international department of the Danish Refugee Council, believes that the emergency aid organizations need to set clear rules for their presence in these areas,

»Within the Danish Refugee Council, there is a sacred argument, namely that we are only involved in humanitarian issues, and we work completely alone. We have the Tamil Tigers' acceptance that we work in the area, but we have no official or unofficial partners in the Tamil Tigers, "he says, adding:

“We must not get into a situation where we are being accused of supporting rebels. It's getting harder and harder not to be taken to income to support a particular group. And that applies to many places in the world. "

19. FEB. 2008

The terrorist suspect organization Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) Denmark has, among other things, received support from Danfoss.

Denmark's largest industrial company supported the organization through the Mads Clausen Foundation with DKK 450,000 after the tsunami disaster in 2004.

But on Sunday, TRO's funds were frozen by the culprit police because the organization is suspected of supporting terrorism perpetrated by the Tamil Tigers.

The chairman of the Foundation, Peter Mads Clausen, is saddened by the matter, but tells Jydske Vestkysten that he is sure that at least the 200,000 kroner has gone to an orphanage in Sri Lanka.




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