Denmark: TRO funds released



Denmark: TRO funds released


The police could not prove that a Tamil association based in Denmark intended to support a Sri Lankan terrorist movement, and therefore the case is now abandoned.

This is stated by public prosecutor Jens Madsen.

- It has not been possible to prove that the accused in Denmark knew that the end user to whom they sent money was a terrorist organization. It was not conclusively proven that the act was intentional, he explains.

The core of the case is the Danish part of the Tamil organization TRO, which in 2008 was seized around 45,000 kroner, which according to the plan was to be transferred to the sister organization in Sri Lanka.

TRO in Denmark itself claimed that the money should go to distressed Tamils in the country. But police suspected that the money was in fact passed on from the sister organization to the rebel group Tamil Tigers, which appears on the EU terror list.

However, the suspicion was not exchanged for sufficient evidence, and after more than four years of seizure, the money is now being released.

Jens Madsen acknowledges that the case processing has stretched over a long period of time, but says:

- It has been a lengthy affair, not least because we have been dependent on getting information from Sri Lanka, it has taken its time.
September 25, 2012



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